Hi! I’m Susana Cerca

It wasn’t until later in life that I became interested in Mediterranean plants. Before then, despite living in a Mediterranean country surrounded by these beautiful plants, I almost didn´t notice them.

As I became more observant, I discovered what the Mediterranean plants offer: beauty, fragrance, culinary uses, medicinal benefits, and biodiversity. Surprisingly, they demand very little in return, thriving in drought conditions, exhibiting hardiness, and often suppressing weeds naturally with their allelopathic qualities. In the face of climate change, they stand as ideal companions for our gardens.

I became fascinated with Mediterranean plants. So I decided to learn all about them. I study them in detail by researching information and creating 3D models of each plant.

When I model a plant, I have to zoom in and observe every detail (structure, colour, scale, texture,…) to create a digital version of it. This allows me to learn so much about each plant, building a certain connection with it. I start seeing it in a completely new way.

Furthermore, I cultivate numerous specimens in my garden to gain firsthand insights into their specific cultural requirements.

I think anyone who loves nature and would like to have a low-maintenance garden would be interested in learning about these plants. That’s why I’ve chosen to share what I’ve already learned and am still discovering.

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