Hi! I’m Susana Cerca

I have only recently developed an interest in Mediterranean plants. Before this, I did not pay too much attention to them, even surrounded by these wonderful plants in the Mediterranean country I live in.

As I became more attentive, I realized how they give us so much: beauty, aroma, condiments, medicinal activity, and biodiversity. Yet they require very little in return… being drought-tolerant and mostly hardy, and in many cases, little weeding due to their allelopathic properties. They are ideal for the climate change the world is facing.

I became fascinated with Mediterranean plants and started to study them in detail by researching information and creating 3D models of each plant.

When I model a plant, I have to zoom in and observe every detail (structure, colour, scale, texture,…) to create a digital version of it. This allows me to learn so much about each plant, building a certain connection with it. I start seeing it in a completely new way.

I believe anyone who loves nature and gardening would also like to know about these plants. So I decided to share all the information I am researching and the illustrations I am creating by publishing on this website.

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