Salvia microphylla, commonly called Baby Sage or Little leaf Sage, is an aromatic, very branched, evergreen shrub with a compact upright to mounding shape. It has small oval green leaves and racemes of tiny bright reddish-pink flowers arranged in pairs or whorls around the stem.

Salvia lavandulifolia, commonly called Spanish Sage, is a small, aromatic, evergreen shrub with narrow grey-green leaves forming a compact broad cushion. Well above the foliage are many spikes of tiny pale violet-blue flowers arranged in whorls around the stem.

Salvia sclarea, commonly called Clary or Clary Sage, is an aromatic evergreen herbaceous perennial or biennial, with wide green, oval to heart-shaped leaves. Rising above the foliage is a tall many-branched panicle with whorls of tiny pale blue flowers and large papery purplish-pink bracts.

Salvia greggi, commonly called Autumn Sage or Cherry Sage, is a small semi-evergreen shrub with a shape that can vary from upright to mounding. It has soft, aromatic, green leaves and flowers borne on terminal racemes that rise above the foliage and are usually red but can…

Salvia argentea, commonly called Silver sage or Silver clary, is a herbaceous short-lived perennial or biennial, forming a compact basal rosette of large silvery woolly leaves. When in bloom, the rosette is topped with a tall panicle of small blush-white flowers.

Salvia officinalis, commonly called Sage, Garden sage or Broadleaf sage, is an upright, bushy, evergreen shrub with a spreading cushion form. It has broad grey-green woolly leaves and dense upright racemes of violet-blue flowers.

Salvia fruticosa commonly called Greek Sage or Three-lobed Sage, is an upright, bushy, evergreen shrub with a broad cushion form and a frosty appearance due to its abundant hairs. It has trilobed or simple grey-green leaves and dense racemes of violet-pink flowers rising above the foliage.

Helihrysum petiolare, commonly called Liquorice Plant or Silver-bush Everlasting Flower. Is a compact, aromatic, evergreen shrub with a spreading form. It has heart-shaped, silvery-grey, felty leaves and creamy-white flowerheads arranged in dense corymbs on long stalks.